Registration Fee:

  • Rec and Competitive divisions: $600/ team plus HST
  • Pondimonium Divisions: $600/ team plus HST

What’s Included:

  • Four games of Pond + playoffs (depending on the division).
  • Team Swag bag courtesy of our sponsors.
  • Friday and Saturday night Pond Parties at Pinestone featuring live entertainment.



Payment Options:

You can pay by cheque, e-transfer or credit card. Please note, credit card transactions will be charged a 3% service charge. All prices are subject to HST.

When you register:

You will be taken to our site on TeamSnap Tournament which is a secure site. We use this app to make it easier to for us to streamline registration, communicate with teams and for team Captains to communicate with their players. When there are event updates, your players get this information immediately…you don’t have to do a thing!

Covid-19 Restrictions

Should new restrictions or requirements be mandated by the health department,  all participants who register for the event, are agreeing to abide by these protocols.

About the Teams

  • Player gift bags provided at the CNPHC registration desk – a thank you from the CNPHC and our awesome sponsors.
  • Each Team member must meet the minimum age requirement as of the first day of the tournament.
  • Any team in any division with an underage player or a player who is ineligible because they are an active pro, semi pro, university or OHL Junior hockey player will be disqualified and unable to play in the Championships.
  • All participants will be required to sign two waivers and provide photo ID (proof of age) upon registration. We recommend that these waivers be signed and sent to us prior to the event to speed up registration on the first day.
  • Each team is responsible for their own transportation, accommodation and meals.
  • A team can only be registered in one (1) division per weekend.
  • Each team is allowed a maximum of six (6) players per team and no substitutions will be permitted once the tournament begins, no exceptions will be made.
  • The organizing committee reserves the right to prohibit any player or team from participating if they are deemed to cause safety concerns.

Free Agents

Teams that lose players prior to the event (and are not able to pick up replacements) have the opportunity to pick up local players to help fill your roster on an emergency basis. It is expected that these “free agents” will not have to pay to play and that your team will absorb these costs.

About the Event Format

  • 4 Games (2 Friday – 2 Saturday) – Saturday afternoon/evening playoffs for qualifying teams only
  • All teams must be available for a 12pm start on Friday of the tournament – this is a 2-day event (Fri/Sat) with qualifying teams moving on to Saturday afternoon/evening finals
  • The CNPHC Organizing Committee reserves the right to alter the schedule at any time, especially when decisions need to be made due to weather conditions and unsafe ice surface.

About the Venue

  • All games and events take place at Pinestone Resort and the 14 acre pond in front of the resort.
  • Friday and Saturday Night Pond Parties hosted at Pinestone Resort featuring live entertainment.
  • Two restaurants/bars rink side with patios.
  • Meals are available and sold separately by Pinestone Resort (more details to follow)


All Team registration will be done through the Team Snap Tournaments. This is a FREE mobile app that makes it easier for us to communicate with you and for you to communicate and collaborate with your players. In January (and throughout the event), your full game schedule (and game results) will be available on Team Snap. If we make changes to the schedule, all your team (that has the app) will be notified instantly. Less work for you!


  1. Team entries will not be processed without full payment. You can sign up your team but your spot is not guaranteed (registered) without a full payment.
  2. The Canadian National Pond Hockey Championships is an all-weather event. By entering this event, you acknowledge that you are playing on an outdoor ice surface, and ice conditions are at the mercy of Mother Nature. ALL teams are expected to play unless the Organizing Committee deems the ice unsafe. The CNPHC reserves the right to alter the schedule at any time, especially if due to weather conditions and unsafe ice surfaces.
  3. Should we be unable to complete the full tournament (due to conditions beyond our control), The CNPHC will award a winner in each competitive category based on total points earned for an equal amount of games played. All decisions are final.


  1. A team canceling (received by us in writing) prior to November 25 2022 will receive their 50% of their registration fee with a 50% credit towards your entry fee for the following years event.
  2. As of Nov 26th 2022, your registration fee is non-refundable. Any teams wishing to pull out of the tournament after this date, will not receive a registration fee refund. You will receive a 50% credit towards your entry fee for the following year’s event.


The safety (and enjoyment) of our volunteers and players during our event is very important. While a lot of work goes into setting up these events, Mother Nature has a lot to say about whether we have an event or not. We also recognize the travel arrangements and coordination our teams have to go through to get here. In the unlikelihood we have to cancel an event (given our site location, equipment and fantastic ice crew) the CNPHC event committee will do its best to make that decision as early as possible.

  1. If the event is cancelled due to weather/unsafe ice conditions or Covid-19 restrictions that prevent us from safely/legally hosting the event –  10 days or more prior to the tournament – teams will receive a 50% refund of their registration fee along with a full credit for the remainder and a guaranteed spot in the 2024 CNPHC.
  2. If the event is cancelled less than 10 days prior to the tournament start date, teams will receive a guaranteed spot AND a full credit for the 2024 CNPHC, however, NO refunds will be given.

Got questions?

Please contact us