10150672_756821951018737_8087681627652583853_n-1Enjoy meeting new people and being a part of a team? Can’t get enough of our beautiful Canadian winters? Get in on the action and join us as we celebrate Canada’s biggest and best outdoor version of our nation’s favourite pastime! It is no secret that the success of staging an event like the Canadian National Pond Hockey Championships relies heavily on the support and efforts of an incredible team of volunteers!

The CNPHC is always looking for great people to help put this huge event together and to assist throughout the course of the tournament weekends. We have many volunteer positions available so we should be able to accommodate your requests. Join our team and we’ll promise to deliver cold noses, great hockey and a lot of laughs and friendships along the way!


Are you a people person? Prefer to work indoors? We are looking for outgoing, organized individuals who are willing to assist with the following areas:

Player Registration:
A good fit for individuals who enjoy meeting new people! Set up inside Pinestone Resort on the Friday morning of the event. This area is a hive of activity! Here you will help teams check-in, as well as hand out team gifts and information packages. You are the first face representing the CNPHC and welcoming teams to this event so a friendly personality goes a long way!

Volunteer Registration:
With Volunteer Headquarters set up near the rinks site – you will meet & greet volunteers as they arrive; check them in/out; hand out their packages; direct them to their assigned tasks and assist in keeping the volunteer room topped up with warm drinks and goodies to help fuel this awesome team of people!

“Pond Gear” merch booth set up inside Pinestone Resort. Enjoy engaging with participants from across the nation while you assist them in finding the perfect fit in the latest pond gear! Also doubles as “customer assistance” booth.


This is a great opportunity to enjoy some up close moments with the teams and this fast paced game of hockey! We are seeking volunteers who are prepared to work outdoors during the tournament as there are many “on-ice” positions available. This is where all the real action happens and the place to be if you are a fan of the game!

1 per game – Required to be rink side during game play to keep official score and to ensure fair play. Will help keep games flowing, toss in puck when required and assess a penalty when needed. Ensures team Captains agree with final score and sign off on score sheet at the end of each game.

Someone who is energetic to gather completed score cards at the end of each game and deliver them to the tournament scheduler at HQ so scores can be updated in real time. Volunteer Captain & Scorekeepers may require individuals to run messages or get assistance as necessary, gather stray pucks and keep puck buckets topped up at each rink. Floaters may also be asked to assist the CNPHC Ice Crew in patching ice surfaces when required.

Rink Marshall:
1 per 4-6 rinks. Someone who is versed with the rules in the game of hockey and understands how the game is run. Your experience will be used to help monitor game play and ensure friendly competition, good sportsmanship, compliance to rules and to reinforce calls made by scorekeepers. If needed, this individual will help settle disputes and eject players or teams if required. Must be a confident individual – prior experience an asset.

Help will also be needed to run other various hockey events going on during tournament play, such as running the skills competition. Volunteers should be prepared to work outside during the tournament weekend.


  • Volunteers must be 16 years or older.
  • Volunteers 12 and older are eligible however, they must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Training will be provided for all positions – date, time and locations TBD as we get closer to the event.
  • Students: We can sign off for volunteer hours.

If you are interested in joining our team and assisting at the Canadian National Pond Hockey Championships please fill out the form below and we will be in touch!

In advance, thank you for your support! We couldn’t do it without you!




I WOULD LIKE TO WORK AS A: (check all that apply)
   Rink Marshall (prior experience an asset)
   Runner/ Floater
   An outdoor job
   An indoor job only (limited positions available)

I AM AVAILABLE TO VOLUNTEER: (check all that apply)
   Thursday - 12 noon - 5pm (assistance with site setup)
   Friday - 9am - 12 noon (final site setup and staging)
   Friday - 1pm - 5pm
   Friday - 5pm - 9pm
   Saturday - 9am - 1pm
   Saturday 1pm - 5pm
   Saturday 5pm - 8pm
   Sunday 9am - 1pm
   Sunday 1pm - 5pm



MESSAGE: (tell us a bit about yourself - hobbies, interests, prior volunteer experiences)

Thank you for your interest and support. Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you shortly.